Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Laziness is Killing me Softly

Just finished my PR mind map.. Huahaha.. 
1 Chapter took me 2 days to finish. 
Matila jua... Baru mind map. :p
Anyway, I skip class today. AGAIN. 
It is only the third week of lecture
 and my 
laziness has took control of my mind & body. 
I think its my bed la... 
Every morning when my alarm rings 
there's a magnet(devil) pulling me 
and softly calling me... 
Marsha... Marsha... don't go to class la... 
x lecturer jua tu.. last week x ambil attendance jg.. 
Sambung la tidurrr.... 
And boom! 
Tidur la juga sy... 
I have to stop this, seriously. 

Until then,
♡ Hv a good evening 

Monday, January 17, 2011


Hello there! :) 
As all UiTM student knows, we are required to attend all the modul prepared for each semester. So yesterday (16/01/2011), all of UiTM KK part04 student underwent a series of mud-muddy process... hahaha! For me it was so much fun! I especially love when going dwn the hills with a rope! woot woot! I felt like Lara Croft in Tomb Raider! LOL. 
Sempat bah posing dlm hutan.

Muddy road. I dono wth are they trying to
do but the girls behind us r asked
to go in front of us! wtf.
melambatkn pjln tul.

.urgh.I look ugly.bt best modul evr tho!

raqqib,arif & the geng.

Bcoz we are the 2nd last group to depart,
ni la kerja kami. Mnunggu trafik d dpn jln.
huhuhu. We waste 2hour just for waiting.wtf.

&this! I nvr tot dlm hutan pun ada ni.haha.

Lastly, can u see the playboy bunny? hehe

Until then,
♥ goodnite peeps