Thursday, May 30, 2013

I love him. I really really do.... sometimes I just wish I can hug him... and be like usual... I miss him terribly. How can u forget someone u hv loved for so long. If only the past can be changed. :'(

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello..!!!!! :)

Wow! My last post is on the May 16th, 2012. Today is May 28th, 2013. Its been a YEAR!! How have you guys been? Good? Hehe... So... You know that I'd finished my diploma n now... I'm in my fourth semester as a Marketing degree student. :)) You know what? Its not that bad I guess.... well, I'm still not head over heel with MKT but.... my classmates are awesome!! I love them to death. hehehe.

One thing about degree life that I hate is... there are tons of assignment! And the level of difficulties is wayyy harder than diploma's. <---- That = Frequent headaches. blah :/ Assignment assignment assignment! My holidays is filled with them. Stresssss..! 

Oh yea...Today we did a shoot in SMK Sanzac and we got to wear high school uniform again! Tee hee. XD Felt great. hahahahaha!!! We are young~~~~~ we were actually making an ads for our marketing communication subject. Hopefully it'll turn out great! I'm not and cannot act well. Camera hates me. Yup. 

On to other things..... I broke up with my bf :'( . Bout 1month now. I mean, there were times we are on and off and on and off again buttt.... this time, it felt really different. Usually one of us (him mostly), will either call and you know the rest.. make up.  :3 However... huh. I ignored his call, he eventually stopped calling. Why now....... I miss him terribly. But I'm a lot stronger I guess. MUST resist to call him. Frankly, life is complicated. He is complicated. Me+him= MESS complicated relationship. So.... why we fight is mainly because of the same thing. and that leads to... well.... tears and "I'm done with this shit! I can't take it any longer! You will not change or you have change!"  If I story2 you will say telenovela lah nanti. Anyways, I am really trying my HARD to forget him. He is so far away from me.. He worked in LD now, neh, and you know where my mind wander to... Boys+no annoying jealous gf = FOOLING around w sluts. Yeah. There are many out there. So... Whatever. Sigh. Write that later!

BLA BLA BLA. The point is. I am pretty much M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E right now. Well.. I'm doing okay. Having friends around, whom might I add are having boy issues too make the process of forgetting him a lot easier than before. :) God have better plan for me. Its not the end kan!!?? The pursuit of happiness is up-to-you. So.... be happy Marsha. 

Until then,
Goodnight love <3