Tuesday, February 1, 2011

260111 Che2 is here! ♡

 My sister just got back from KL. 
 I call her che2 to differentiate her from kakak(my 2nd sis).
People always ask me y I 
call her che2 and the other kakak. 
Hmm~ Anyway, I miss u che2~!! 
Huhu,only got to meet her once a year leh.. 
Later that night we attend my brother-in-law 
annual dinner party at Venetion Club House near lido area. 
Then approx at 9:00pm the sisters go to open-karaoke at the lounge.
 In-law stay downstairs entertaining 
his friends before joining us later.. :D 
and my evil sister force me to sing taylor swift
 song(sdh la suara nda brp merdu,hehe,
+ lg lagu yg sy nda brp pdai) 
jijik tul. U guys may know the song 
Love Story
if I'm not mistaken. La,I just know the chorus laa... Isk.. 
(Romeo tell me... bla bla bla
Hehe, we are only there until 11+. Kjap je, 
bcoz me & che2 need to wake up early to settle some things.. 
n as usual... 
I end up not going to class. Heheh.. 
che2 with mummy before picking me up from school

♥ them

This is kakak
She lovesss to sing!

This one is Che2

Until then,
Hv fun on this holidays!


  1. tlupa aku tekan subscribe follow up. haha

    yea minat aku taylor swift <3
    tapi kalau menyanyi ndak la

  2. You made me go missing my sister :)