Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ford Fiesta

Yes! Yes! Yes!
I Want A FREE Car!! Hahahah!! Burgh...
I'hv been aiming this one free Myvi SE from servey hypermarket tht they'll give to that ONE lucky person~~ Huhuhu..... I know my chances to win is 0.000000000000001 ~BUT PLEASE pick me~! :p paling tdk pun bagi la sy alza(hehe), atau Shell can give me one of the 6myvi... Semua pun mau bagi myvi... beetles dorang nda bg. Rav4 L ka.... hehe
I just wish kan... here in KK they do this thing like they ask the people to touch and never let go of the car smplah tggal ko ja 1org yg betahan.. Wui!! Biarpun mo pecah pundi kencing ndaku lepaskan. Hahaha!

I don't want to drive the atos bah... I hate that car.. It hate me too! :(

I promise I will take good care of the car.... cuci dia every week(klu kutur la).. tdk kasi scratch... bw p service.... huhuhu.... pls God hear my prayer.. hehe..

p/s: Saja mo beragan-agan.. LOL

Goodnight evryone

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