Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy November!

Hehehe... Typical me.. I got lazy after a few days of actively updating my blog. Hmm... And now I see all of my friends blog got a new makeover... you guys got your inspiration from me leh... hahahaha. Ignore this. :p 

What has been happening recently... nothing much. haha. Just watching non-stop Korean TV Show called "Family Outing" .. couple of new series on TV to catch on.. Terra Nova(Fox) and New Girl(Star World). O yeah. And ANTM cycle 17 ALL STAR !  Woohoo... Potato couch. Huhuhuhu. 

And I got my exam result !  Whatever I got I thank and praise the Lord for always with me. :) Anything is better than last semester yo. Now I'm waiting for muet to come in a couple of weeks. Haven't done any preparation yet. Me. Last minute me. 

p.s: Can't wait for Twilight to come out! 



  1. I am watching the Walking Dead at 413 every Friday. I just wattched TerraNova last night. Overall, I like the series. Pretty cool.

  2. Congrats on doing well on your exam!