Friday, September 2, 2011

Academic trip to SiD

Hey hey...
So last2 week, I went to Sabah Dairies International (SiD) with my Operation Mgt classmates.. Mm hmm...
Required to do a report which I did&edit all night long.. :'( Thought it was an individual assgtm, tau2 group pula. Ah, individual or group still the same ! Huuu~ Anyway here's the pic^^

The building :p

Haha.. sapa tu d tepi?

Waiting for our bus.. Lambat !

Si putah mati2 minta ambil gmbr. ih! :D

Sempat lg bgambar d kontainer.. hee~

kak Farah & me..

Spot ugly me .. Haha.

Susu-susu yg dikeluarkan oleh SiD

Take Care Peeps ! xOxO


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