Wednesday, October 12, 2011

End of semester 5.

Officially I'm a senior next semester. Hi hi hi..  WOW. Five semester gone just like that. It has been 2 1/2 year of sweet bitter memories and a few more months to graduate. And you know what? I absolutely LOVE semester 5! I don't want to "jinx" it by saying perhaps my 1year of bad luck is finally fading away, haha, but yeah.. life doesn't suck like sem 3,4 which I'm very grateful of. Thank you God. What can you expect in Life, its  pretty unpredictable. Hurm. I hope next semester gonna be even better!!! And I hope my result going to be Straight-to-the-As like A+++ and get me a 4flat. HaH-Dream on girl! :D

Take care,


  1. Thank you Fiza. Good luck to you too. Sama2 kita kasi dekan sem ni.. :))

  2. Aku nda pasti la kalau aku.
    U know how bad I did last sem ;)
    But I hope kau dpt 4flat.
    Bangga jg ak jd clasmet. hahaha

  3. Sama jak kita fiza, last sem pn sy teruk. ish. tambah2 psl hbu tu. GOOD LUCK utk kita dua la. He he