Sunday, October 16, 2011

Name a food you used to like- what changed?

WOW! Best nye topik ni.... Okay okay.

I was born on 1991, that makes me 20 this year. Yada yada yada. Do we really need to know that? NO.

Fine. One thing that I used to love before is *drum roll* ... Later. Need some introduction first. :p

When I was young, whenever I saw this *thing* I beg my mum or whoever with me that time to buy it for me. And... the frustrating thing is that they usually refuse to buy it for me! I know right! Irritating. Urgh. They say it is a waste of money lah, useless lah.. What do I know? I'm a kid for god sakes. I'm supposed to like stupid useless thing. And the grown up should make my wish come true. Ha ha ha. What I like about the thing is that the chocolate inside is so yummy... (oh? are thinking you what I'm thinking?) and the toys included make every kids jumped happily. Yup! That thing is........ TORA datang lagi! wee~

Who doesn't like this useless thing when they was still a kid!!?? BUT..... now... on 2011.. the chocolate doesn't taste the same anymore. At least for me lah. It's so small and kinda taste like .. emptiness.. taste like they been left open for a long time(masuk angin). And not so sweet like I remember before. Maybe our taste bud developed new taste overtime? erk? he he.. The toys, yup, I think they are pretty useless.. sometimes just some stupid paper robot that you need to *build* as in sambung2.. No wonder my parents says it's useless. What was I thinking? It just doesn't make me happy anymore :(  

There's tons of food that I used to love! What's yours and what changed ? Share it with me!



  1. Agree on the 'masuk angin' part.hehe.I used to like Cloud 9 chocolate but now, it doesn't really taste the same.Kinda bored with me.Lol.(: