Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you wish you had more money or time?

     Well, looking at my life right at this moment, I have to say I wish I had more money. Maybe some of you out there wish for more time over money. Since money can't buy time right? Hahaha. But in my case, since I have plenty of  free time now and I'm literally broke, I want money. Money can't buy everything, but everything needs money. You got that right. :p With all the money in my hand, I want to buy everything I never had and always wanted. For example, a car, a house(preferably condo cause I like small cute house), smartphone, branded clothes, shoes and etc. Well, whatever my heart desire I'll buy it.

     The fact that life is so much better with all the things I can buy, got me thinking what would happen if time is running out and yet you still have so much money left? Haha. Fret not, I'll donate it to the charity and save a big amount for my family so my funeral will not cause them a cent. What can I say? I have a BIG heart. Hehe. 24hours a day and 365days a year seems enough, but sometimes I do wish time pass slowly. I guess those who are in their deathbed is the one person who needs the time most huh. 

     But, all the money is not going to make you happy without the presence of love, cliché but so true. Therefore, appreciate your family and your life. Stop sulking! Good night and big dreams.


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