Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Done and Over with.

Finally, my MUET test is done. Although it might be the easiest(people say la), but it is also the most nerve-wrecking part of muet exam. Hmm.. There's not enough time for Part B! I wanna talk more but then-"you have 10second left." urgh. I should interrupt my friend just now, I guess I don't feel good interrupting while they are talking. Huh! Damnnn.. Whats done is DONE. Yep. Focus on writing now. 45% tu geng.. I must do well on writing. Hopeful I can write well. :(

My question just now: 
What qualities necessary for stronger and better relationship. Something like that.
        a) Respect b) Honesty c) Generosity d) Tolerance 

I'm candidate B. Easy point but.. urgh... blabbing nonsense.  Feel bad for candidate C, generosity man? Hahaha. But she did well in Task B so its all good. And you know what? Instead of the usual two examiners, we have THREE. Great just Great. Suddenly he came from nowhere and decide to join us . Yup.

Relieve face. Haha. 


  1. sepa group kmu yg sorg g?hahaha...pic tu...ada interframe g...

  2. ee sandi jg tajuknya cam susah ja o.o
    sepa dapat c??

  3. haha. si nadia candidate c. hihi. tulah time task b langsung dia x sebut pun point dia tu. haha