Friday, October 14, 2011

Imagine it's October 2021 - what is your life like?

I'm imagining...... Okay.
10 years later, on Oct 2021, I'll be 30. No more fooling around, no more wasting time cause time is flying away-fast. Living in a beautiful home, with my lovely & caring husband who adores me as much as I adore him and who would love me for who I am. No fighting, no lies just pure love and respect. By the time I'm 30 you bet I wanna have at least-mmm say.. one or two adorable little me running around the house making me nuts. He he he. A boy and a girl. I want the boy to be the big bro who will take care of his lil sister.

The household surrounded with laughter, and all my family members gather together, my mom, sisters, brother, in-laws. Hopefully I'm at the point where I'm really3 happy and content with my life. My career is going good, with big salary income. And some sideline business that booming each and everyday. Although I might have two children, that doesn't mean I'll looked like an aunty.. ehem2.. my figure should be fit and fab. My husband should also looked hot with abs. Ha ha ha. It doesn't hurt if he is loaded too. Hey, a girl can dream. But most importantly, I wanna be in a tip top condition where my health is really2 good coz I wanna live a long life. Yeah. 

No matter how you imagine your life will be in the future, there is no guarantee that it will happen the same way. I might even be travelling all around the globe(that's not bad either), instead of having a family of my own. We as a small humble creature, just have to do what we need to do in achieving that goal. Only the almighty God will know what is destined for us. So we must fight ! Good night and dream big.

     Cheers ♥ !

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