Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bahasa Eww??

"Tak sukey.. Kaw taw ?" 

Hahaha. Macam2 sudah bahasa dicipta skg ni. I wanna share a video about the TRENDING use of words that most teenagers in Malaysia use nowadays~ Batboy yg kasi. Hihi. Tak kira lah tulis SMS, chatting ke.. pa2 jak la... Some people call it Bahasa comel? Comel ke.. Sdri la kaw taw kan.? :p

Since when?
 I also don't know. But when I first notice this, my first thought was
"Huh, napa ba dia tulis2 cam trip cute ni? Ih." 
Itu mula2 la, skg dah besa dah.. Pandai guna lg skit2.. Haha. Tejebak! =.=' 
OH! Tidakk..

But.. My advise is control2 la... 
Sometimes people will get annoyed when looking/reading at the 
super-hard-to-read-what-the-hell-is-this word you are trying to type. 
Setakat "kaw..kwat..bwat" tu ok lah.. 
Klu bombastic lg comfom 5 4 kali mo baca. Hehe. 
I experience this a couple of times.. Fooh! Sakit jiwa mo baca taw... 

Okay. enough me. Video please.. Maybe you have seen this or not. So, just enjoy and take notes! Haha. Video ni amatlah lucu yew... :D

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