Tuesday, May 10, 2011

♡ Happy Mother's Day! ♡

I know its late. Hehe. But I just wanna wish all the mothers out there Happy Mother's Day! Yay! Without mommy we wouldn't be here. Right or not!? Hehe. Where did you guys go to celebrate? :) 

Well~ we went to Suria Sabah. Actually planning to eat in Beverly only then jln2 but the restaurant was crowded and they said you have to wait 1hr if you don't have a reservation. Ha.. Gila kaw? So change of plan lah. Hehe. Dinner at Sushi Tei~ Wee~ The menu of a Japanese restaurant always look the same to me. Hmm.. :p 

Mum, I know I not the best daughter in the world. 
But always know that I'll always love you. 
Family is No.1