Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My fourt sem in UiTM

Hey yall.. 

Sadly to say, 
my 4th semester is way way wayyyy worst 
than last semester(which was also sucks to the max)!! 
Oh my gosh. I couldn't even imagine how I survive thru this sick four month.
Hahah. I'm glad its over, but....!! 
Thats another story la. Later2. Hehe..

For me, the only thing I enjoyed during this sem is probably my modul. 
You can see it on my very first post. Hehe. 
Only then that I realize how much I love doing this kind of activity! 
Maklumlah, sy kan jarang2 ikut camp. Huu~ After the modul I feel so alive... 
Hahaha... Panjat there and here.. Seeing my friend balik2 tegelincir. Hehe.. 
Its so much fun you know. :D 
I wish every sem  is like that instead of sitting and
 listening to someone talking and yawning all the time(2nd sem modul). 

I have to do this more often! Tapi teda kwn.. 
My life is lack of excitement. :'( 
Bro & sisters also busy with their work.. 
They're no longer longing for the excitement. 
Tulah klu sdh tua ni. Mo bawa p funfair pun susah...
 Klu dlu... Ada funfair jak pigi. Ih.. 

Now thats the fun stuff. 
The rest is filled with never-ending disaster. Mm..
From the subject.. 
to the lecturer ~
to the dramaS between classes... 
Huh... Penat!!
Lecturer sem ni mmg SS... 
ada yg masuk suruh highlight textbook. 
And nothing. 
WTF dia suruh org baca buku tebal tanpa dia ajar satu barang pun??? 

ha.. lbh kurang tebal mcm Operation mgt
pny buku tuh la dia suru bc 

Ada yg style suruh org present, then x phm br suru org tny. 
Kalau sdh student d dpn present pun x dfhm, apa yg mau dtanya? 
Budu.. Tulung la... 
I pray to you God... 
Give me, my class a better lecturer next semester.
 Mcm Sir Frank ka.. 

And the worst of the worst is... 
my beloved group BM1114A2 dibubarkan! 
We have 3 groups all together for DBS course.. 
and due too lack of lecturers.. 
The 3 group will be regroup into only 2 group. 
Then selebihnya drama3 lah ... smua xmau tukar class. 
Sapa la mau kan? 
After 4 amazing sem together. Huhuhu.. 

In conclusion,
I will be having a whole new classmates next semester.
Yay! NOT.
Well, what done is done right. 
I just pray for the best and 
that we click with each other
and respect each other 
and no more cat fight pls.
Pretty please?

Ok sudah. Pjg gila.
Have fun on this holiday !